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Cyclomedica is a globally recognised leader in the nuclear medicine and molecular imaging industry by delivering groundbreaking innovations in functional lung imaging. Our relentless pursuit of excellence drives us to improve clinical outcomes for millions of patients suffering from lung-related conditions.

Delivering excellence in functional lung imaging

Beyond diagnosing pulmonary embolism (PE), Technegas®, together with advanced imaging techniques and AI, is opening up broader indications across respiratory medicine. Discover the future of pulmonary care with Technegas®.


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Research initiatives to expand the use of Technegas beyond PE

Harnessing Technegas® for broader lung disease management

In the face of escalating chronic respiratory diseases, Technegas® distinguishes itself as both innovative and adaptable. Technegas’ transformative technology is reshaping how clinicians diagnose, assess, monitor, and plan treatments for their patients.

Clinical Initiatives

Revolutionising pulmonary care with Technegas® around the world

Based in Australia, Cyclomedica’s flagship product, Technegas®, is now reaching 65 countries, enhancing millions of lives. Through our expanding network of regional offices and distributors, we’re continually striving to deliver Technegas® to new markets, improving patient care globally.

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