Lung scintigraphy for pulmonary embolism diagnosis during the COVID-19 pandemic: does the benefit-risk ratio really justify omitting the ventilation study?

First Author: Le Roux PY, Last Author: Salaun P

"In non- COVID-19 patients, we believe that the benefit-risk ratio definitely does not justify omitting the ventilation, especially in regions with low disease prevalence. In COVID-19 patients, as long as there is no shortage of personal protective equipment for healthcare workers (FFP2 masks, eye protection, gloves, gown), we would also recommend to perform both perfusion and ventilation studies. In any event, reaching diagnostic certainty in every patient with suspected PE should remain the priority, and this implies performing a ventilation scan to confidently conclude to PE diagnosis."

Eur J Nucl Med Mol Imaging 2020; 47(11): 2499-2500