Research and Development

At its core, Cyclomedica is a company built on innovation, from the original Technegas™ in 1986 through to Ultralute. Cyclomedica continues to innovate in these niche areas.

We are currently working on a series of clinical trials with some of the most globally respected key opinion leaders in respiratory medicine.

Beyond our USFDA clinical phase 3 study, other initiatives are designed to target patients with chronic conditions where Technegas™ can be used for screening, response to therapy and patient management.

Clinical Trials

     FDA clinical trial phase 3 – Multi-sites, USA

The United States Food & Drug Administration (USFDA) phase 3 clinical trial is a non-inferiority structural ventilation study comparing Technegas™ with Xenon-133 in a total of 240 patients.

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     Woolcock Institute for Medical Research – Sydney, Australia


The outcomes of this study will advance the understanding of treatment responses and make a strong case for Technegas™ Ventilation SPECT imaging to be used as an important tool in development of new Asthma and COPD treatment regimes, disease characterisation in routine practice and to monitor the success and progress of treatment.


     Hunter Medical Research Institute (HMRI) – Newcastle, Australia


Study participants will breathe in Technegas™ and undergo three-dimensional nuclear medicine imaging in parallel with a low-dose CT scan. The combined scans will illustrate detailed images of airspaces and blood vessels in the lungs of patients with chronic airways diseases like asthma and COPD. Of the 100 patients recruited, 40 will have a follow-up image taken to provide important insights into early treatment response.


     Centre Hospitalier de l’universite de Montreal (CHUM) – Montreal, Canada

Technegas™ quantitative ventilation lung single-photon emission computed tomography with CT Scan (SPECT/CT) to assess early small airway disease in 30 smokers

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