Our Services

Cyclomedica offers you technical services to keep your medical equipment up and running, your staff up to speed, and your organization on track.

Preventive Maintenance & Repair

Contact Cyclomedica Australia or your local distributor for a Preventive MaintenanceĀ or a Repair Service.

Phone: +61 (0)2 9541 0411
Email: [email protected]

To ensure long term operation and prevention of faults, it is recommended that your TechnegasPlus Generator undergo a Preventive Maintenance service that includes calibration every 12 months or every 500 burns, which ever occurs first.

Service Agreements

Service agreements are available for your TechnegasPlus Generator to ensure high performance and prolonged product life. Different agreements are available to suitĀ individual needs.

Which maintenance service agreement is right for you?

Every hospital has it’s own priorities when it comes to service agreements for medical equipment


I want total peace of mind – I need coverage for all parts.


I am willing to take some risk for a more attractive contract proposal.


I take full risk and prefer to pay for maintenance services on a transactional basis, as and when downtime or other issues occur.

Contact Cyclomedica Australia to enquiry about our service agreements

Phone: +61 (0)2 9541 0411
Email: [email protected]


TechnegasPlus Generator User Manuals

View and/or download the TechnegasPlus User Manual for detailed instructions to handle your TechnegasPlus Generator.

Choose the version according to your region.