Cyclomedica is an established Australian radiopharmaceutical company servicing the global medical community since 1986.

Cyclomedica is a company in the diagnostic imaging field specialising in lung health. We achieve this positioning through our proprietary medical device and pharmaceutical products under the name of Technegas™ which has become the industry gold-standard in diagnostic functional lung imaging technology.

We distribute our products in 60 countries throughout the world with over 1500 nuclear medicine departments utilising Technegas™. To date, over 4.2 million patient procedures are recorded worldwide.

Our Products

Technegas™ is a structured ultra-fine dispersion of radio-labelled carbon, produced by using dried Technetium-99m in a carbon crucible, micro furnaced for a few seconds at around 2,750°C. The resultant gaseous substance is inhaled by the patient via a breathing apparatus, which then allows multiple views and tomographic imaging with a nuclear medicine camera for superior functional  imaging of the alveolar spaces of the lungs.

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